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Jyi Shyang Machine Co., Ltd.

Jyi  Shyang Machine  Co., Ltd.

Jyi Shyang Machine Co., Ltd. established in 1973 is one of the leading manufacturers of electric heating products for plastic injection, specializing in Hopper Dryers, Automatic Vacuum Loaders, Oven, crusher, and Mixer, Dehumidifying dryer.

With the idea of giving our customers full satisfaction and the constant quality control, we guarantee that the parts and goods are of a high standard from designing to manufacturing. We are located in the middle of Taiwan, and we not only supply domestic plants but also sell our products to Hong Kong, Japan, South-East Asia, European Union countries, the U.S.A. and Canada etc, showing our top quality products suit our customers around the world.

As we have done, we will do our best to achieve superior quality and satisfactory service to our dear customers.  Moreover, we will feedback our best products to customers so as to get the idea of continuing operation.[more]